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18 October 2014 LTMKS Project Space Malonioji 6, Malonioji Str. 6, Vilnius

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association presents a second workshop this season called “Biostrike” by Rüdiger Trojok, a scientist from Berlin during his short-term residency in Lithuania. All welcome to register and take part.

This workshop is part of Rüdiger Trojok workshop series on „Biostrike“. In this series, the current problem of antibiotic resistance is adressed from a “do it yourself“ and citizen science approach. Workshop participants are invited to explore the biological mechanisms of antibiotics resistance development and discuss its socio-economic causes and consequences. Participants will be guided to experimentally detect resistant microbes from the environment and to unravel avenues for horizontal gene transfer. The workshop will include a „scenario“ oriented approach in which participants seek alternative ways to hack the technico-political system, in order to interrupt the vicious circle of antibiotic overuse, resistance development and market failure to avoid the threats of a post antibiotic era.

You are all most welcome to join us! No background in biology is required.

Rüdiger Trojok studied systems and synthetic biology at the University of Potsdam and the University of Freiburg in Germany and Denmark Technical University in Copenhagen. Currently he is building up a citizen science biolab in Berlin and actively promoting open source biotechnology in public, politics and the arts.

Photo: Rüdiger Trojok with the gene gun in the Copenhagen medical museum

Workshop language: English

This event is organized by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association in collaboration with Institutio Media and is partly supported by Lithuanian Council For Culture as well as the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.